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Privacy statement

In order to request the issue of the Europass Mobility certificates you have to register on the website. The personal data you will submit will be stored in our internal data management system for the purpose of registration and for the operation of the programme. Your personal data will not be stored or used for statistical purposes.

Who has access to your data?

When checking the application the administrator of the application will not see your personal data. In certain exceptional cases related to the solving of technical problems, the employees of the official institutions or the technical service provider may have access to the data which is required for the issue of the Europass Mobility certificates. The access to this data is limited to authorised persons who are responsible for the Europass programme. The employees in question are bound to protect personal data. In no case the data will be submitted to unauthorised persons.

How is your data stored and how can you check, modify or cancel the data?

All the data which is necessary for the issue of the Europass Mobility certificates is stored in the database of our internal project management system. As a mobile person you can log into the Europass application at any time and modify your data. The Europass Mobility certificate is available as a PDF file, generated on the server and downloaded into the user's computer through a https protocol. The generated documents are cancelled from the server automatically and you can create new ones when you send a new request. If you want to cancel all your data, exercise other of your rights, if you have any questions or complaints you can send us an email at


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